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We won Startup Weekend Oslo


After working over 50 hours saturday and sunday it was time for the final presentation at Mesh! We were all excited and worked up! We had only four minutes to present the pitch and convince the jury.
We were being judged by this panel of experts; Håkon Wium Lie, Arne Tonning, Lars Monrad-Krohn, Morten Larssen, Børge Hansen and Anders Nicolai Krokfoss.
After the pitch the jury had four minutes to question our product. We got positive feedback from the jury on the validation of the product according to the hypothesis testing and interviews that we did during the weekend. They jury said they believed in the potential on the Weather Wear and one of them said he wanted to buy this application for himself. In the end they questioned us on how we are going to keep our future costumers. What we want to do is to cooperate closely with the parents while developing this product, so that the future Weather Wear app matches the different needs.

Thirteen teams participated in the final presentations on sunday. The jury summed up that they were impressed by all the presentations, and so were we! The jury gave personally feedback to all the teams, and in the end they called out the winner.