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Start-up Weekend, Oslo- Day 2


Today was the first entire day for working on our project. We were really excited to start exploring the business idea and going through the development’s steps of the app. After a market study via brainstorming, we decided to go on the street with a prepared survey and ask directly people about our project. It was a way of refining our idea and being sure that we had a real value proposition for the customer we targeted (young parents, single fathers). This experience were very insightful, because we succeeded getting valuable opinions and advices for the potential future customers themselves.

After a short break, we built the database in order for our developer to code the application. Meanwhile, the designer began making some drafts about our logo. Then, we were able to develop the business model more precisely and to go on with the creation of the app.

Then we thought about a second interview script for another survey that we will do tomorrow. The point of this second survey will be to confirm that the application we built fits with the customers’ expectations. Indeed we are going to show the app to the potential customers and ask for feedbacks.

We had such a good day developing and going into concrete propositions for the application. We are looking forward for tomorrow to see the real shape of the app.

Sophie and Marion