Startup Weekend, Oslo – Day 1


Yesterday was the introduction day of the Startup Weekend in Oslo. A lot of people pitched their idea and then we had to choose a team where we wanted to take part in. From the first moment I knew which entrepreneur I wanted to help: Christine! She had the wonderful idea to create an app for parents that want to make sure that their kids are dressed correct related to the weather conditions. Here’s the pitch:

The Weather Wear application is a new app that helps mums and dads to pack all the right clothing in the morning so that the child has optimal choice of clothing throughout the whole day. Based on the day’s weather forecast it gives you the advice on how to cloth your child appropriately, including the textiles used, amount of layers, etc. Unlike the basic weather forecast apps this app will remind and suggest the parents which clothes they have to buy for the upcoming season and for upcoming events (Carnival, Christmas, Lucia, etc.).

I am really excited to work together with my team and create the final presentation of our app on Sunday.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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